My art practice includes the disciplines of printmaking and clay sculpture. The genesis for my current work of Labyrinth and Maze series derives from my interest in the tension of strength versus fragility and as I exaggerate the scale to push the work towards the edge of physical collapse, this theme becomes more potent.

Each Labyrinth is constructed sectionally and secured on steel plinths in order to drive the work into a human-scale relationship. I reveal the copper tabbed seams of each section as a nuance of strength and allow light movement through the many surface perforations, to evolve a perceived fragility: undulating forms, movement of clay and light with a constant exploration of shaled and ledged formations - a metaphor for life's layers.

The Maze series, smaller in scale, is an investigation into themes of chaos and beauty: the strength required for negotiating the paths between interior and exterior worlds. Whereas the Labyrinths series contains light, letting it go through many organized channels and surface perforations, the Maze series releases through chaotic passageways.

Working with clay influences my printmaking, encouraging an unorthodox approach of tearing, perforation and drawing back into the prints. The monoprints incorporate drypoint onto plates composed of industrial copper sheeting that I stitch and reconstruct, allowing for unlimited large-scale imagery. Like the tabbing in the ceramic Labyrinth series, I reaffirm perceptions of fragility and transience.

Susan Collett